Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is/would be required to take the state exam?

No one is required to take the exam. If you feel this state license would be a benefit to your business then you should take the test.

2. Will all counties recognize the state license?

Yes all counties will recognize the state license.

3. If I only work in one county and keep renewing it, do I have to take the state license exam?

No, you do not have to take the exam as long as your county continues to recognize your local license.

4. Do I have to keep renewing my other county licenses once I acquire the state license?

Only if you want to. If your local/county license qualifies a business with a partner maybe you may wish to keep it that way. No one would ever make you give up a license unless a county eliminates it.

5.  When registering for the Irrigation exam, you are asked if you wish to take the Business & Finance Section. When sending in your application be sure to indicate Business & Finance unless you are a "Certified Contractor in the state of Florida".  Does this mean if you are a "Certified Contractor in the state of Florida" you are exempt from taking the Business and Finance section? If so, how would you provide that information to the state?

"Certified" can only refer to a state license, therefore you would NOT have to retake the business exam. The information for the state would therefore be on record and you can look it up on the website.

6. I have taken the Business and Finance Management exam with the state in order to get my county license, do I need to take it again?

Normally this would be a yes answer. But please check with the to be sure.

7. If I am a business owner, how do I provide proof that I have the (1) year of experience as a foreman. What documentation is needed as proof?

This question should be answered by

8. Can they be grandfathered in for any/all parts of the exam if they hold many licenses?

Grandfathering is not included with this voluntary test. If the test becomes mandatory then the CILB would decide on whether or not grandfathering would apply.
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