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One of the Florida Irrigation Society's most important goals is to educate you, the consumer, 
about what to expect from an irrigation contractor. The Society achieves this goal by informing 
you of the basic standard practices in the irrigation industry. Understanding this industry will 
help you select an irrigation contractor and choose the appropriate options for your system.

In general, a proper irrigation system should be suited to your specific needs and relatively 
easy to operate and maintain. The Society expects any system installed by one of our member
contractors to provide you with years of satisfaction.
Local Water Management Districts

The local water management districts set forth watering restrictions for the respective areas. 
However, please be advised that cities and municipalities can set forth their own watering
restrictions as long as they are stricter regulations than the water management district has in
place for the area.  

Phase I Water Shortage Restrictions for Tampa Bay Area.  Click here for more information.


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