Low Volume Irrigation

Course Description:

Increasing emphasis on water conservation as well as the passage of many local ordinances has emphasized the use of low volume irrigation. The course will serve as an overview of the use, design and installation of low volume irrigation.

The Low Volume Irrigation Course is approved for 4 General CEU’s in Lake and Pinellas Counties.

Course Topics:

     1.  Introduction to low volume irrigation systems
  • Identifying the general design considerations including water source, plant materials, plant groupings and soil types.
  • Identifying the advantages of low volume irrigation including water conservation, controlling soil moisture, use of low pressure water supplies, reduced weed growth, reducing liability by reducing chance of slips and falls and no spray on building foundations.
  • Identifying the disadvantages including high maintenance, frequent visual inspection of plant material, filtration and pressure control, pipe & tubing exposed, and consumers lack of confidence.
     2.  Understanding general irrigation design considerations
  • Explaining definitions related to irrigation in general and low volume in specific.
  • Describing overview of irrigation components/design.
  • Describing water sources including potable, reclaimed pump/well.  Pump/surface water and pump sizing considerations.
  • Explaining plant material evaluation - type of plants and plant groupings.
  • Describing the different soil types and the use of low volume for course, medium and fine soils.
     3.  Understanding of pipe sizing
  • Explaining pipe sizing considerations for PVC pipe
  • Explaining pipe sizing considerations for poly pipe
  • Explaining pipe sizing considerations for "spaghetti" tubing
4.  Understanding of equipment selection
  • Emitter types and uses
  • Controller selection
  • Backflow considerations
  • Filter use
  • Automatic valve selections
  • Flush valves
  • Air/vacuum relief valves
  • Pressure reducers
5.  Understanding of low volume design and layout issues
  • Hydro-zoning - Different irrigation methods should be separated 
  • Separate trees from shrubs
  • Flushing considerations
  • Run time consideration

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