Introduction to Construction Estimating

Course Description:

The course provides an overview of the basic estimation concepts.  The course covers basic skills that are required in order to produce a successful estimate.

Course Topics:

     1.  Math Review

          a.  Decimals

          b.  Fractions

          c.  Percentages

          d.  Perimeter Measurement

          e.  Area Measurement

          f.  Volume Measurement

     2.  Estimating Skills

          a.  Skills and disciplines necessary to estimate a job

          b.  Developing consistency in estimation

          c.  Use of computer in estimation

          d.  General order of procedure

     3.  Quantity Surveys

          a.  Organizing the estimates

          b.  The benefits of an independent takeoff

          c. Proper quantity takeoff procedures

          d.  Identifying separations points by measurement, cost levels, work classifications 
              and operations

          e.  Identifying common estimation errors and how to avoid them

     4.  Calculating Labor, Material, Equipment and Overhead
          a.  Labor - How to develop production rates and labor rates

          b.  Material - Identifying and costing of materials, assemblies and waster

          c.  Equipment - Identifying operating costs, depreciation and interest.  Evaluating use of rental equipment vs purchase

          d.  Overhead - Identifying and incorporating overhead expenses into an estimate

     5.  Estimate as a control tool

          a.  Relating actual cost to estimate

          b.  Identifying high/low principles in developing an estimate

          c.  Methods of cost accounting

          d.  Developing and using unit costs

     6.  Bid Documents - Reviewing documents related to producing a bid including:

          a.  General conditions

          b.  Project specifications

          c.  Bonds

          d.  Insurance requirements

          e.  Unit price forms

          f.  Credentialing requirements

          g.  Contract forms

     7.  Other quantitive techniques

          a.  Introduction to decision tree techniques

          b.  An overview of scheduling methods

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