Contract Administration for Subcontractors

Course Description:

In order for construction subcontractors to effectively work in the construction environment their firm must effectively work with multiple organizations.  This means that subcontracting firms must become as knowledgeable about contract administration as general subcontractors.

The Contract Administration Course is approved 3 General CEU's and 1 Business Practices CEU in Lake and Pinellas Counties. 

Course Topics:

     1. Overview of Contract management:

          a. The roles of various entities involved in contract implementation

          b. Reviewing the bidding process

          c. Reviewing the contract award process

          d. Elements of construction contracts 

     2. Document Management:

          Examining the various construction documents including:

          a. Plans and specifications

          b. General conditions

          c. Submittals

          d. Schedule of values

          e. Payments/Invoices

          f. Change orders

          g. Punch lists

          h. Post construction documentation

     3. Project Management:

          a. Identifying factors effecting project administration

          b. Examining the communication and documentation procedures

          c. Reviewing basic time management concepts

          d. Explaining how to use bar charts and CPM scheduling

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